Newsom’s Latest Sanctuary State Scam – OpEd


Illegal aliens who crash our borders can find sanctuary in California. Women who want to abort their child, but live in states with restrictive abortion laws, can come to California to have a doctor kill their baby. Now young boys and girls who are sexually confused, and who live in states where puberty blockers and chemical castration are considered child abuse, can go to California where they will be “treated.”

The contempt that California Gov. Gavin Newsom has for America’s sovereignty is on a par with his contempt for state’s rights and parental rights. All this from a man who helped kill his own mother in 2002, at a time when assisted suicide was a felony in California!

On September 29, Newsom signed a bill, sponsored by a homosexual activist and state senator, Scott Wiener, that legally shields parents and young people who come to California for sex-reassignment surgery from being penalized in their home state. The goal is to undercut the right of states to ban this form of child abuse.

This policy comes on the heels of Newsom’s billboard campaign targeting states that have restrictive abortion laws. Thanks to Newsom, California is not only a sanctuary state for women seeking easy access to an abortionist, his state’s taxpayers are paying for billboards in seven states advertising how welcoming California is to mothers seeking to end their unborn child’s life. In Mississippi and Oklahoma, the billboards even quote the New Testament in support of the killings.

Newsom’s predecessor, Jerry Brown, declared California a sanctuary state for illegal aliens in 2017. Newsom went beyond Brown in suing the Trump administration for building a wall to keep the illegals out. Last week he signed a law granting a state ID to illegal aliens.

On August 30, California lawmakers heard the testimony of Chloe Cole, an 18-year-old girl who described what happened to her when she was 15. At the time she was considering transition surgery.

“My parents were told that the options were transition or suicide. They complied because they were not offered any other treatment solution for my distress. My distraught parents wanted me alive, so they listened to my doctors. I was placed on puberty blockers and testosterone after expressing my gender dysphoria to my therapists, and I was approved for a double mastectomy all by the age of 15.”

She then got pointed. “Who here really believes that as a 15-year-old, I should have had my healthy breasts removed or that should have been an option? SB 107 will open the floodgates for confused children like me to get the gender interventions that many so regret. I am the canary in the coal mine.”

No professionals were there to counteract the advice she and her parents were given.

“So I easily fell prey to the narrative that if I felt different and did not want to be a highly sexualized girl, I must be a boy. I obsessed over becoming a boy. I believed that all my insecurities and anxiety would magically disappear once I transitioned. The mental health professionals did not try to dissuade me of this delusional belief. I was fast-tracked into medical transition after I was diagnosed with dysphoria in California.”

The day after this young woman told her story, the state senate voted 30-9 to make California a sanctuary state for transgender youth and their families. Every Democrat voted for it and every Republican voted against it. And now Gov. Newsom has made it official.

Contact Newsom’s executive secretary, Jim DeBoo: [email protected]

William Donohue

William Donohue is the current president of the Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights in the United States, and has held that position since 1993.

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