Saudi Arabia: PMU To Host KSAALT Symposium


Fast growing Saudi Arabian university, Prince Mohammad bin Fahd University (PMU) will host the 4th Annual Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Association of Language Teachers (KSAALT) Symposium on May 5th 2011.

The one-day event will be a professional academic symposium in which language educators and teachers focusing on instruction using English as the medium will be able to share their expertise as well as the research and network with other likeminded individuals.

Use of North American model of education, and its system (including administrative, financial and academic programs) designed by Texas International Educational Consortium — a group of 32 American universities in Texas – keeps PMU at par in the region.

Today PMU looks forward to host more than 250 delegates from all four corners of the world to participate in the upcoming symposium which is a big achievement for this newly established university in the Eastern Province of KSA.

Dr. Suganthi Pricilla John from the University of Birmingham in the United Kingdom has consented to grace the occasion with keynote opening plenary speech. The closing keynote/plenary speaker Dr. James Simpson from the University of Leeds in the United Kingdom will mark the end of this symposium on May 05.

In addition to that, the symposium inside PMU campus will also welcome four other internationally invited speakers who will address on numerous issues of ESL/EFL and professional development programs amongst others.

The British Council in Saudi Arabia will have its active participation in this one-day event. Moreover, several other local and international publishers too are expected to participate in the symposium.

PMU authorities anticipate that this symposium will be a successful event which will prove beneficial for all educational communities within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia directly or indirectly.

The country looks for something outstanding in the area of language teaching for that a symposium in PMU is expected to prove a stepping stone.

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