Patriotic Love For Manipur Is Terribly Missing – OpEd


By Madhu Chandra

Patriotic love is the inspirational factor of any motherland; it is terribly missing in Manipur. Unity in diversity is the beauty of India, but it is terribly mess in Manipur, probably messed one another equally and must fix it together. When love is missing among the society, hatred begins, distances from one another, opinions form into ideological differences. The ideological differences many a time become ideological clashes among the societies that moved further into nerves and muscles. We have seen it enough within the communities of Manipur and the current crisis is this reality.

Manipur has range of love among own clans, ethnic, tribe, village, town, district and it limits and does not cross border. Collective love for the state of Manipur is missing very badly. Until the love for own state and land mounts up in every nerve, sadly, Manipur will suffer now and then like the way the state is facing now.

Where has gone the love, peace, friendship and harmony that bound Manipur among all section of society? Definitely, undoubtedly, some forces have destroyed it. Forces of fascism, fanatic, communalism and sectarian visible and invisible, most dangerous of every society must be eliminated sooner than later, otherwise, forever will destroy the love, peace, friendship and harmony in state. Love, peace, friendship and harmony are strong social fabric. Unwanted communal politic and communal forces time and again took different forms and take birth to attempt to show the seeds hatred among the society and the state. Manipur and its people are reaping its consequences today.

Predicted by Jawaharlal Nehru once, “When fascism comes to India, it will come in a form of communalism,” in deed, Manipur is infected by this virus for long enough and should have confronted long ago. Unfortunately neither state government nor central seem less care about it.

America mourned 9/11 attacked, whole nation stood. India stood united during Kargil war. When “Hey mere watan ke logo” was sung in central Parliamentary hall on August 15, 1996, marking 50th Indian Independent day, it moved every Indian with love for the nation. It was more with the additional emotional speech delivered by then the President K R Narayan, remembering those Heros guarding the Indian boundaries at frontal line of Kargil.

What made whole American to stand together and Indians for the nation? It was the love for the nation. There was love for Manipur but it is terribly missing for last few decades. Prevailing situation in the state, lack of development, lack of opportunity and defectiveness of educational atmosphere, might lead people far away from loving owns state. Love for other human beings must maintain in Manipur. Patriotic love for Manipur can not be possible without the love for one another. Harm is done beyond irreparable but need a miracle to heal the hurt, forgive to love.

Bible talks about it powerfully, it must be seen in church and every Christians, hopefully those who do not believe in Bible might able to see the power of love that commanded by Jesus to follow.. One among many Heros in Bible is John the brother of Jesus, who talks about love. It is the principle that every Christian holds on. He says, “How great is the love the Father has lavished on us, that we should be called children of God!” Every Christian is believed to be child of God and it is made out of God’s love.. He further says, “This is how we know who the children of God are and who the children of the devil are: Anyone who does not do what is right is not a child of God; nor is anyone who does not love his brother.” Last quote but never the least, rather a warning for every Christians, John says, “Anyone who hates his brother is a murderer, and you know that no murderer has eternal life in him.”

Who should move first to express this love to all humanity? Saying as a Christian and ordained minister, church and every Christian has this mandate to step out first! Accepted or rejected is altogether different issue on part of the receptive. Patriotic love can not miss the love among brotherhood and other human beings.

“Itao” is word for Friendship in Manipuri. It has its own contextual strong meaning and application. If one says, “I have my Ukhrul Itao or Imphal Itao” it means a bound beyond ones own communities. It breaks all social barriers except caste instinct that played important role in destroying social peace and harmony among the society of Manipur.

What is mandate for Government in order to nurture patriotic love for the state? It is late to work on but better late than never! Making Manipur a livable place on planet is a must, if one and all want co-existence of all inhabitants of Manipur. Inability of Manipur government to make Manipur a choice of living by failing to bring socio-economic and educational development is the root cause. Public outrage, intolerance, constant public disturbances and failure to keep the law and order of the state has led to loose the patriotic love for the state. Every parent prefers effort sending their children for education outside Manipur and continues to work there after study.

Attempt to solve the militancy of Manipur through increasing the security forces is seen failure to solve the problem for last 50 years and it should never emphasis on it again. Development, work opportunity, good governance, sincerity, transparency and economic developmental initiative are missing. Absence of these, Manipur will continue to suffer and citizen of Manipur will lack the patriotic love that badly needed for Manipur.

Majority community of Manipur, referring to Meiteis, have bigger role. Pluralistic is the society of Manipur. Majority community can not act as solemn representative of the state. Every tribe or community is part of larger society. Inclusive thinking, consideration, equal affirmative action, equal opportunity, equal rights and equal justice must extend to all communities irrespective or tribe, religion, sect, race and ethnic. When equality is protected, chances of more patriotic love for the state arise.

Madhu Chandra is research scholar and social activist base based at New Delhi. He works as Regional Secretary for All India Christian Council and Spokes Person of North East Support Centre & Helpline.

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