Minsait Launches Plaiground, An Innovative Response To Facilitate Companies’ Access To Artificial Intelligence


Minsait, an Indra company, said Tuesday it has developed the most innovative model to facilitate companies’ access to all the solutions and the boost that Artificial Intelligence can provide them with.

The company said that through Plaiground, its new business unit specializing in Artificial Intelligence, it offers the most appropriate response to all the specific challenges faced by companies, thanks to the combination of the most advanced technologies with a unique ecosystem of specialized talent. At the same time, it enables companies to innovate and experiment on how they can apply the latest technological developments.

By creating a collaborative environment, Plaiground facilitates access to the talent, methodologies and technologies that organizations need to be able to create business processes based on Artificial Intelligence which enable them to be more sustainable and competitive in a rapidly evolving technological environment.

According to Cristina Ruiz, Indra’s CEO, “We live in an environment in which technology is developing exponentially, at a speed that makes it difficult for companies to evolve at the same pace. With Plaiground we provide an innovative response to this situation, by combining access to the largest and most diverse supply of specialist talent and with the most cutting-edge technologies. Its open collaboration formula facilitates the creation of business strategies and processes based on Artificial Intelligence, thus having a positive impact on companies in any sector or industry.”

Plaiground’s unique and differential ecosystem employs highly specialized profiles, centered on Minsait itself, the first Spanish technology company, together with nearly 50 startups, hundreds of PhDs and experts from more than 25 universities and national and international research centers, leading companies in niche markets acting as partners, and freelance resources which Plaiground selects, analyzes and certifies.

In practice, this open model allows Plaiground to put together teams with the most appropriate and adapted specialized talent to meet each specific need of a company: a team assigned for each challenge.

José Luis Flórez, Head of Plaiground said that, “Cognitive complexity means a wide variety of options for companies to take advantage of Artificial Intelligence, which must be supported by the right specialist. The particularity of each use case for advanced analytics requires specialist attention, so access to an ecosystem of proven experts strengthens focus and execution, without assuming the risk and cost of hiring these specialists on a permanent basis.”

Additionally, thanks to Plaiground’s ecosystem, companies benefit from the best tools to innovate in Artificial Intelligence, by having resources and shared knowledge which help them achieve four main objectives:

  • To increase their level of knowledge, through the free dissemination of trends and the generation of a knowledge community.
  • To improve their projection and ideation capacity, through joint ideation workshops to respond to the organizational needs based on Artificial Intelligence.
  • To increase their competencies to execute the projects, with the provision of on-demand capabilities.
  • To achieve continuous innovation and collaboration in open ecosystems for the development of new solutions which respond to the business challenges.

AI Lab Granada

One of the clearest examples of the materialization of Plaiground’s model is the recent creation of AI Lab Granada, one of the most advanced Artificial Intelligence centers in Europe, set up by Minsait and the University of Granada, with Google Cloud as a technology partner. 

This center will have more than 100 PhDs in Artificial Intelligence, 165 consultants, developers and researchers and an ecosystem of startups and entrepreneurs, thanks to the key role played by the Regional Government of Andalusia in promoting AI. It keeps this open model available to companies hoping to promote their own products and services and benefit from the highest level of knowledge and development achieved in Artificial Intelligence thanks to the center’s specialized talent and technical resources.

Artificial Intelligence solutions will be developed there to increase the efficiency and sustainability of companies, public authorities and society, with a real impact in areas such as health and quality of life, circular economy, the democratization of e-commerce, optimization of industrial processes, intelligent employment and education.

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