Yemen: At Least 13 Dead In City Clashes


Yemeni officials conveyed that fighting between the army and armed tribesmen has left 13 people dead in a central city. The fighting took place although the Yemeni President Ali Abdullah Saleh handed his powers to the Vice-President.

According to the AP, a Defense Ministry statement indicated that five troops died and 15 others injured on Thursday amid massive shelling in Taez.

A security official meanwhile said four tribesmen and four civilians have also been killed, and 28 more people have been injured. According to the official, tens of thousands were demonstrating in Taiz against the army shelling.

Earlier this week, an opposition leader was called on to form a caretaker government. Opposition leader Mohammed Basindawa, a former member of Saleh’s ruling party, would form a national unity government to rule until early elections in February.

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