U.S. Concerned Over Violent Protests In Iraq


The U.S. is concerned about the current violence being seen in the protests in Iraq.

According to Victoria Nuland, State Department Spokesperson, while the U.S. supports the right of peaceful protest around the world, “we have been concerned by violence by parties during these protests, and we call on all those involved to exercise restraint, to respect that right of peaceful expression, and to apply that right responsibly without inciting further tensions.”

Nuland stressed that any actions by any party to subvert the rule of law or provoke ethnic and sectarian tensions risks undermining the significant progress that Iraq has made towards peace and stability, and the important work that the U.S. and Iraq have been doing together.

“We want to see these difficult issues settled through consultation among Iraqi leaders, and we want to see them reach an agreement on the path forward for Iraq,” Nuland said.

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