Iran: Mousavi Daughters ‘Concerned’ Over Parents’ Detention


The daughters of opposition leader Mir Hossein Mousavi have issued a statement expressing their grave concerns about the well-being of their parents who have been transferred to the Heshmatiyeh military prison in Tehran.

Mousavi’s daughters also expressed their frustration over conflicting and contradictory reports published by pro-government news sources regarding their parents’ condition as well as the lack of transparency and accountability on the part of Iranian officials about the couple’s place of detention. “Our parents are not criminals” they say. “They’ve disappeared. We shall go to a judge. But the real judge, the judge of our world today is our God. We seek his judgment.”

In their statement addressed to the Iranian nation, Zahra, Kokab and Narges Mousavi reassure the Iranian people that their parents will forever stand by their pledge to the Iranian people.

The full English translation of the letter is as follows:

Kind friends and companions

In these days,

We are worried, like any child whose ties to his or her family are suddenly severed and has absolutely no information about the dearest people in their lives.

Dear ones who, as it is clear to everyone, are held captive by people who have nothing but hatred and enmity for them [simply] because of their ideals.

We are worried when we read in the newspapers that our parents are neither in prison, nor under [house] arrest. We read in the news, that they even have their own escort, and that as children, we are able to meet with them!

Yet this is by no means the case. We haven’t seen our father and mother; we have not heard their voices. The contradictory reports [by state media] only add to our ever increasing concerns.

Mousavi family
Mousavi family

After all the baseless reports, as a final attempt at clarification and with the intention to shed light on the truth which has become a rarity these days, we all returned to the home [of Mousavi] on Thursday and from behind the metallic barrier which has concealed both the house and our parents, we asked the [security] forces if our parents were there or if we could see them. They replied, “who said they’re here?” We said “The Keyhan [newspaper], the prosecutor, the foreign minister. And we thought that [at least] some of these sources would supposedly be credible enough for us to believe them and that a meeting would be arranged and these concerns would be addressed.”

We thought it would actually be possible for us to see them, but we didn’t know. We had no clue.

The response to our question was again “No, you can’t. The news in incorrect! Whoever said this to you was wrong. Go to the revolutionary court. Go to the judge.”

But our parents are not criminals and they have disappeared. We will go to a judge. But a real judge, the fair judge in our lives these days is God. We seek his help.

As children of a father and mother who have been held in captivity and were abducted as though they have never existed before, we are worried. But we shall remain patient, as he himself has said, “And keep yourself patient [by being] with those who call upon their Lord in the morning and the evening, seeking His countenance.” [1]

We shall remain patient, just as our two missing loved-ones have stood tall in the face of all this anguish and called upon God and sought his sanctuary, and we believe that they continue to be patient.

In this path whose hardship was from the start, known to all, we too, are their companions and comrades.

For you who have been easing our pains in these bitter days of cluelessness about parents and the anxieties over their mysterious disappearance, house arrest, imprisonment and all that has been done and said, we stress that it was with their faith in the resistance, resolve and kind-heartedness of the people that in June 2009 our parents devoted themselves to a path with predictable difficulties and bitterness. They have continued to remain faithful to their eternal promise to God and to you, in a manner deserving of those who speak the truth.

If we speak of those days, it is simply an intimate attempt at confiding [our] pain with you who are familiar with it. For this reason, throughout all the period [after the election], we never heard a complaint, no hint of suffering, and no tales about the injustice or unpleasantness they endured, things you are better aware of than us.

We recall that the night before the 22nd of June and after all the repeated and continuous attacks, we anxiously asked my father “what will happen tomorrow?” He replied in his usual admirable and dignified calm and vigour, “What is more important than the outcome is being able to keep your head up high before God, the people and history.” “Tomorrow” arrived, the hard and even harder days went by. The rain of hardship, slanders and smears rained down on his soul. But both of them, like you comrades, stood [firm] so that they would be able to lift their head up high before God, the people and history. And this, is our hope and wish.

[1] Quran, Surah Al-Kahf, Verse 28.


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