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Rajapaksa Says Air Force Played Crucial Role In Liberating Sri Lanka


The Sri Lanka Air Force played a remarkable role in the humanitarian operation in the North, and Sri Lanka’s history would have been written differently, if not for the service of the Air Force, said President Mahinda Rajapaksa in a statement published on the government’s website.

Rajapaksa made the comments in a keynote address at the Sri Lanka Air Force (SLAF) 60th Anniversary celebrations held at the Ratmalana Air Force Camp premises yesterday, according to the website.

“The SLAF had precise targets in the enemy locations and did not harm any civilians,” he said adding that mistakes are made even by those who possess the most sophisticated technology, according to the website.

Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka

According to the government website, Rajapaksa said that the remarkable training and the discipline of the SLAF which was used to liberate the nation should now be utilized for post-conflict rebuilding.

Also during his speech the President extended the condolence of the nation to the family members of the pilot who died in the Kfir crash Tuesday, adding that the life of a war hero is more valuable to the nation than a heap of metals.

Rajapaksa also stated that the country was not destroyed by a war, but was destroyed by terrorists, according to the website.

“Today we have to rebuild a nation that was destroyed by terrorism,” Rajapaksa was quoted as saying.

According to the government website, Rajapaksa said that certain groups want to make people forget the victory over terrorism for selfish motives, and that they are the same elements who attempted to disrupt the humanitarian operation creating a distorted image of the forces.

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