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Yemen: Over 200 Wounded As President Calls To Stop Protests


Yemeni police forces fired tear gas and live bullets at protesters holding an anti-regime rally in the southern city of Taez on Sunday, wounding at least 250, eyewitnesses said.

According to AFP, police continued to fire as security forces pushed back demonstrators to a square where they have been holding a sit-in as part of nationwide protests demanding the departure of President Ali Abdullah Saleh, witnesses said.


For his part, the Yemeni President urged his opponents to stop ongoing protests.

He told his supporters from Taez: “We demand that the opposition alliance end the crisis and halt demonstrations, banditry and assassinations. They also should end the insurgency in some military units.”

He added: “We are ready to discuss the transfer of power, but within the a peaceful and constitutional framework.” His supporters chanted “No concessions after today.”

The president’s supporters came from Taez to Sana’a, to express their support for him.

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