Father Seeks Fair Frial For Imprisoned Chinese Christian


(UCA News) — The father of a Chinese Christian detained more than ten months ago has sought a fair trial, claiming his son was falsely charged with fraud because of his Christian faith, says a report.

Cao Jin, the father of Cao Binting from the Cornerstone Reformed Church in Bengbu, Anhui province, appealed to judicial authorities in a video on the Chinese social media site Weibo, ChinaAid, said in a report dated March 28.

ChinaAid is a US-based organization run by Chinese exiles.

Cao Binting is “an upright, kind and law-abiding” citizen and was an outstanding student at school, his father said in the video. 

He worked with the Huaihe River Water Conservancy Commission of The Ministry of Water Resources.

A compassionate person, he visited troubled families in the Church and carried out charitable works but never sought rewards, Cao Jin said.

He expressed “inability” to accept his son being charged with “fraud” because he never resorted to unfair means in his personal and professional life.

“There is absolutely no evidence to prove that Cao Binting has ever attempted or taken a single penny from anyone. How could he be accused of fraud?” he told two lawyers representing the son in the court, the report said.

Following the centuries-old tradition of the church, he voluntarily donated a portion of his income to the church for the past few years, never taking a single penny from the church, he said.

He alleged Cao Binting has been detained and charged with the offense because of his Christian faith and for his association with Pastor Wan Changchun of Cornerstone Reformed Church and other co-workers.

Cao Binting was first detained for questioning on April 11 last year and released after 12 hours, ChinaAid reported.

He was again summoned by the police on April 22, following the arrest of Pastor Wan Changchun, his sister Wan Chunqin, and two other Christians. Police reportedly arrested several leaders and members of the Church for questioning.

The Church members have been accused of running “illegal business operations” – a common charge against Christian pastors and Church leaders who refuse to join state-sanctioned church bodies,  pledging allegiance to the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

Cao Binting’s arrest and detention have taken financial and emotional toll on the family, said his father, who is now in his 60s.

Cao Jin said he had to undergo treatment in a hospital due to a heart problem. Along with his wife, they weep silently and pray to God for their son’s return, he said.

The father, who also worked with a state-run company, said he raised his son as a good Christian and a law-abiding citizen.

He also said that he and his wife have been Christians for over thirty years. 

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