Greenland: Cairn Begins Offshore Exploration


Cairn said Friday it has commenced drilling operations on two wells offshore West Greenland.

The AT-7 well in the Atammik Block, approximately 160 kilometres offshore Nuuk, west Greenland and the LF-7 well in the Lady Franklin Block approximately 300 kilometres offshore Nuuk have both started operating.

The Leiv Eiriksson, a fifth generation semi submersible and the Ocean Rig Corcovado, a sixth generation drillship, are to carry out the drilling programme offshore Greenland this summer.

The AT-7 prospect in the Atammik Block and LF-7 prospect in the Lady Franklin Block are in water depths of 905 and 989 metres respectively.

An update on the drilling operations will be provided in due course, the company said.

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