Trump Accused Of Anti-Semitism For Tweeting ‘Clinton Corrupted’ With Six-Pointed Star


US Republican candidate has been forced to delete a tweet showing an image of Hillary Clinton in front of a pile of money and a six-pointed star after a barrage of accusations of anti-Semitism.

The original tweet showed Democratic presumptive presidential candidate Hillary Clinton with the words “History Made” and “Most Corrupt Candidate Ever!” The second phrase was placed in within a six-pointed star text box.

Immediately after the publication of the tweet, social media users bombarded Trump with criticism.

Trump was accused for using what looked like a Star of David along with Clinton’s image in front of a pile of cash. “THIS is textbook anti-Semitic imagery,” said one of the Twitter users.

Clinton’s national spokesman Josh Schwerin responded to tweet by asking: “Why is there a Star of David?”

Clinton’s economic policy adviser Michael Shapiro was more direct, and tweeted out: “This new divisive dogwhistle isn’t [a] surprise.”

Soon after, Trump reacted by deleting the original tweet and publishing something similar. The new tweet had all the similar characteristics, but it substituted the six-pointed star with a circle.

However, the new tweet included Trump’s constant repetition of the phrase, “America first” – making things worse, as it echoed anti-Semitic rhetoric dating back to WWII.

Trump’s controversial campaign has been making headlines since it started. Some of his foreign policy pledges include dismantling NATO and completely banning Muslim immigration into America.

In the past he also stated that more countries, such as Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia, should have nuclear weapons.

In May, US President Barack Obama called on the mainstream media to hold Donald Trump to account by reporting seriously on the candidate without being distracted by “the circus and the spectacle.”


RT, previously known as Russia Today, is a global multilingual news network that is funded by the Russian government and has been labelled as a propaganda outlet by the US State Department.

2 thoughts on “Trump Accused Of Anti-Semitism For Tweeting ‘Clinton Corrupted’ With Six-Pointed Star

  • July 3, 2016 at 12:49 pm

    Name of Prophet Dawood (AS) came several times in the Glorious Quran. Same thing for his son Prophet Solomon (AS). Both are full of knowledge. Surah The Ant 27: Ayat 15 states: “And We gave David and Solomon knowledge. They said, “Praise God, who has favored us over many of His believing servants.” The same Surah Ayat 17 states “To the service of Solomon were mobilized his troops of sprites, and men, and birds-all held in strict order.” And Allah provides Prophet Solomon (AS) with the wealth as well. For Muslims, the hexagram is the Star of Prophet Dawood (AS) or the Seal of Prophet Solomon (AS). Both are respected, and no one should put a picture of a war criminal such as Hillary Clinton with the Seal of Prophet Solomon(AS). This is really Kufir. I am really very sad and shocked by Mr. Trump’s action. For me, Mr. Trump’s action is anti-Semitic: the hatred of Judaism and the Jewish people and is also anti-Islam (or Islamophobia) and hatred of Islam and the Muslim people. As people know, Prophet Muhammad (SAAWS) is from the family line of Prophet Ishmael (AS) who is the brother of Prophet Is’haq (AS), the sons of our father Prophet Ibrahim (AS).

  • July 4, 2016 at 7:43 am

    The Jews/Israelis are the only nation crying anti-semitism at every sardonic comment by anyone. There is no anti-semitism in the imagery used by Trump. If someone burns the EU flag in protest against the EU or cripples the US flag in protest against the corruption in government – is that all anti-Euism and anti-Americanism? Surely not. And surely, it isn’t a secret that wealthy Jewish donors from various industries, most notably banks! paid for Hillary’s nomination and are paying now for her general election run. That Hillary is corrupt – and criminal – and that she will not hesitate to take Israel first if that suits her wealth and power desires, is not a secret.

    Go Trump go. America first. It is what Americans need most.

    Trump is the only candidate with a realistic foreign policy that is based on world trade not hegemony and endless war. Nor is there anything particularly wrong if Japan and South Korea would also get nuclear weapons. After all, the US has earmarked $1trillion to modernize and upgrade and develop new nuclear weapons. Why should other countries not have the same rights to have a nuclear deterrent as the US and some other countries have? The establishment in Washington is upset at Trump’s modern statesmanship because the establishment wants hegemony and therefore wants to subdue all countries under US dictate. Accepting Japan and South Korea as nuclear powers would give those countries independence of the US – i.e. a loss for the empire.

    If people looked a bit more closely at what America does, as opposed to what it says, people would appreciate the breath of fresh air that is Trump’s foreign policy.

    As to the western media – they do the same to Trump as they did to Bernie: avalanches of smear propaganda and lies about Trump. Don’t read the media. Listen to Trump – and look at what America under Obama does, not his rhetoric, then you will see that Trump is right and actually will make a good president.


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