Bahrain Expels Israel Envoy, Cuts Economic Ties


Bahrain has recalled its ambassador to Israel and suspended economic ties with Tel Aviv, the country’s parliament announced on Thursday.

The statement published on the Bahraini parliament websiteconfirmed that the Israeli ambassador had left Bahrain, while Bahrain called back its ambassador from Israel and decided to suspend all economic relations with Israel.

It added that its decision to recall its envoy and suspend economic relations is based on the kingdom’s “solid and historical stance that supports the Palestinian cause and the legitimate rights of the Palestinian people.”

The parliament statement continued: “The Council of Representatives affirms that the Israeli ambassador in the kingdom of Bahrain has left Bahrain and the kingdom of Bahrain has decided on the return of the Bahrain ambassador to Israel. The cessation of economic relations was also decided.

“The Council affirms that the continuation of war and military operations, and the continuing Israeli escalation in light of the lack of respect for international humanitarian law, prompts the Council to demand more decisions and measures that preserve the lives of innocent people and civilians in Gaza and all Palestinian areas.”

Bahrain’s National Communication Center confirmed the move and said that the “priority of efforts at this stage must be focused on protecting the lives of civilians in accordance with international humanitarian law and working to secure urgent humanitarian corridors to deliver relief and medical aid to the Gaza Strip.”

It added that there is a “need to spare the region from the consequences of a new cycle of violence and work to find a clear political horizon for a just, comprehensive, and sustainable peace that guarantees stability and security for all.”

The Bahraini Ministry of Foreign Affairs is yet to issue a statement, but the story has been widely reported by several news agencies, including Israeli ones.

In September 2020 Bahrain signed the Abraham Accord with Israel and the UAE in the US with their host the then President Donald Trump.

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