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Yemen: Ministry Denies Military Attacked Protesters


Yemen’s Defense Ministry denied Friday reports by the Houthi Group and media that the military post in Harf Sufyan district, Amran, had attacked anti-government protesters, according to local media reports.


According to SABA, a source at the ministry said that the claims were untrue.

SABA reported the ministry source as saying that the area nearby the military post is uninhabited and that there was not a demonstration.

Instead, the source said, according to SABA, that media reports confused an incident of an armed group attacking the security checkpoint in the area.


Additionally, the attack resulted in the injuring four of guards, the source made clear according to SABA, adding that the incident took place at 1100 am not after Friday prayers as the reports said.

The ministry source said that the allegations are a result of Houthi attempts to mislead attention from the crimes of the Houthi supporters including that of killing innocent people, looting their properties, attacking the armed forces and violating the ceasefire-


The source urged the media to be careful when dealing with the Houthi Group, who he claimed may deceive them and convince them to publish unreliable information, according to SABA.

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