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Germany: Four People Reported Dead After Karlsruhe Hostage Drama


Four people are reportedly killed after a seige in the German town of Karlsruhe.

“We believe that the kidnapper and the hostages are dead” a police spokesman told Reuters.

Police Special Forces discovered the bodies when they stormed an apartment after they noticed a burning smell coming from the premises.

A man has taken hostages after court bailiffs went there to clear the property of its occupants.

A bailiff, locksmith and several other people were reportedly among the hostages.

Police shut down a large part of the city around the apartment building after shots were fired.

Witnesses reportedly described the hostage taker a violent man and a hunter in possession of several weapons.

Karlsruhe is a city of 300,000 and the seat of Germany’s Supreme Court.Around 70 % of its residents rent their homes.


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