Taylor Swift Gets 32 Tickets For Trash Outside Her House


By Alexandra Abumuhor

Taylor Swift has been ordered to pay fines for leaving trash outside her NYC home. 

In October 2017, singer Taylor Swift bought a three-story townhouse at 153 Franklin St. in Tribeca, and since then, the Bad Blood singer has been ticketed 32 times for leaving trash outside her home. 

The 32 fines require Swift to pay a little over $3 thousand. Sanitation inspectors fined the star for failing to clean the area in front of her building, not disposing of garbage, in addition to not having a clean sidewalk. 

Even though Swift’s net worth is $570 million, the singer managed to shake off $200 of the penalties with the help of her legal team.  

Among the trash, food outside her place of residence are piles of newspapers, bottles, empty cardboard, napkins, ashtray content, said to be cigarette remains, and a cigarette carton. 

A witness of the unclean sighting said: “She doesn’t care about leaving trash out, I think she’s more focused on her multi-million dollar tour that’s bankrupting all her fans.”

Since Swift converted the townhouse to a more private residence, she is responsible for keeping the area clean, and now many are saying the singer’s reputation is ruined blaming the garbage piling up in front of her house. 

However, many are stating that the garbage does not belong to Swift, but belongs to the paparazzi and the fans who often camp outside Taylor’s home to get a glimpse of the singer. 

Taylor’s old landlord shared: “It’s probably the fans waiting for her and smoking while they’re bored. She doesn’t even smoke!”

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