Spain Says Total Number Of Unemployed Decreases To 4,067,955


The number of unemployed registered with the Public Employment Services rose by 21,679 in August, 0.54% up on the previous month. Over the last eight years, unemployment has increased by an average of 50,564 in the month of August.

However, in seasonally-adjusted terms, recorded unemployment fell by 5,723 in August. Seasonally-adjusted unemployment has fallen in 26 of the last 28 months.

Recorded unemployment has fallen by 359,975 over the last 12 months, the largest reduction since current records began in a month of August. The year-on-year fall in unemployment stands at 8.1%.

Following this reduction, the total number of unemployed now stands at 4,067,955.

Unemployment among the under-25s fell once again in August, and by 51,902 year-on-year, at a rate of decline of 13.4%.

Recorded unemployment has fallen among those who most recently worked in the agriculture sector by 5,964 (down 2.98%). It has increased among those from the construction sector by 4,643 (up 1.02%), from the industrial sector by 5,802 (up 1.49%) and from the services sector by 22,876 (up 0.87%). Unemployment among first-time job-seekers fell by 5,678 (down 1.59%).

Recorded unemployment fell in six autonomous regions, particularly in Galicia (down 2,639), the Canary Islands (down 1,257) and Asturias (down 1,057). In contrast, it rose in 11 regions, headed up by the Region of Valencia (7,614) and Catalonia (4,521).

Permanent full-time employment rose by 16.4% in the year to date.

A total of 1,248,146 new employment contracts were signed in August, an increase of 9.96% on the same month in 2014.

Permanent full-time employment was the form of employment to rise most on August 2014, with an increase of 10.96%.

In the first eight months of the year, permanent employment grew by 14 % on the same period last year, while permanent full-time employment grew by 16.41%.

The improvement in the job market is structural.

The State Secretary for Employment, Juan Pablo Riesgo, stressed that the figures published on Wednesday “confirm the improvement in the Spanish labour market”, and show that “unemployment continues to fall, if the seasonal element is disregarded and that the strong rate of falling unemployment over the last year is being maintained”.

“We are well aware that there remains a lot more to be done because over four million people are still looking for a job but cannot find one”, said Juan Pablo Riesgo. He went on to add that the Government of Spain “is working extremely hard for there to be more jobs of ever-increasing quality”.

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