Relief Convoy Crosses Into Gaza


A convoy of relief supplies for the besieged Gazans crossed into the Strip from Egypt via the border passageway of Rafah on Friday, a security source said.

The convoy, called “Miles of Smiles 7,” including 108 activists from Jordan, Algeria, France and Britain, was led by leader of the Algerian “Peace Society Movement” Abu Jarrah Al-Sultani, the source told Kuwait News Agency (KUNA), adding that it also included 11 ambulance cars.

Preparations are underway to secure entry of up to 30 vehicles loaded with supplies through the same checkpoint, the source said.

A number of leaders of the dismissed Hamas government and popular figures received the supporters at the border passageway.
These activists organized an identical mission to relieve the besieged Gazans a month ago.


KUNA is the Kuwait News Agency

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