Sri Lanka: Sirisena Pledges To Strengthen Reconciliation And Work In Harmony Towards Progress


“We will fulfill our duties and responsibilities with honesty towards all the citizens of the country as well as for the future generation to build a prosperous country with a strong economy, while strengthening national reconciliation in the country and ensuring a non-recurrence of the past events that led to the conflict,” said Sri Lanka President Maithripala Sirisena in his speech regarding the budget 2016 at the Parliament on Thursday.

Expressing his views regarding the proposed budget expenditure of the Presidential Secretariat, Sirisena said that he reduced the number of employees of the Presidential Secretariat to 700 from 1700 and distributed vehicles belongs to the Presidential Secretariat to other state institutions. “We end the era of corruption where even public funds were stolen from purchase of flower wreaths for funerals, he said.

Sirisena also said that he will not blame former President for all these and further said that it is the responsibility of the President to look into the affairs of his own staff and prevent such corrupt practices.

British Premier Mr. David Cameron assured that he would intervene to end our issues in the fisheries sector and the GSP+. He also stated that he would give us the required assistance through the six billion fund, which has been established in this regard.

I like to note that I would be committed to perform my duties to alleviate the mistrust and suspicion and to create friendship among communities in the North and the South. I also will understand what is in their hearts and make every effort to move forward with them emphasizing the importance to work together with them with brotherhood, understanding the national and cultural sentiments with regard to religions and languages.

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