Lebanese Soprano Hiba Tawaji To Perform In Saudi Arabia


Lebanese soprano Hiba Tawaji is preparing to perform her forthcoming concert at the King Fahd Cultural Center in Riyadh on December 6.

She will be the first Lebanese singer to perform in the Kingdom and has already expressed her pride via Twitter for participating in the event.

Tawaji found the concert a historic step in the Saudi cultural openness project.

As the concert approaches, the Lebanese star, who two days ago released “Sawt El Eid” or “Voice of the Feast” from her new album “Hallelujah,” announced that she had prepared a repertoire including songs from her three albums, in addition to famous international and Arab songs, with video and “graphics” accompanying her songs on stage.

In an interview with Sayidaty, Tawaji reiterated that the openness in Saudi Arabia is very positive.

She said: “It augurs well in all areas, especially for decisions concerning women, which have long supported their rights, provided they do not conflict with the basic principles, such as the preservation of femininity and significant and respectable principles.”

She added: “I am very happy and I am honored to be the first Lebanese singer to perform in Saudi Arabia, especially as the concert will be supported by the General Entertainment Authority, which is a landmark in women’s rights and cultural openness.”

She said she was preparing a new album in both French and English, and that some of the songs would be released next year.

“At the same time I prepare for a group of performances, but all of them are under study, in addition to the Christmas album, which is entitled ‘Hallelujah’ and will be released sooner. It was produced by Osama Rahbani. We have released ‘Eid El-Hobb’ or ‘Valentine’s Day,’ but all songs will be released successively,” she concluded.

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