Israeli Troops Intensified Presence Near Aqsa Mosque


Israeli forces on Friday intensified their presence in parts of Jerusalem, in particular at the entrances to the Aqsa Mosque, according to local sources, claiming that a large number of Israeli troops, mounted policemen, and border guards were deployed at the entrances of the Old City and the checkpoints between Jerusalem and the West Bank.

The troops checked the IDs of passersby and detained some young men for a short time. This Israeli security campaign was launched to prevent any intended protests following Friday prayers, according to the Hamas’ Al Qassam website.

Al Qassam also reported that in another incident Israeli troops ordered the displacement of two families from their homes in Beit Hanina, north of Jerusalem, “in order to bring a Jewish settler to live in their place at the pretext he owns the lands these two houses were built on.”

The Hebrew radio reported the evacuation decision was issued by the Israeli magistrates’ court, west of Jerusalem, and noted that the Hebrew university owns part of these lands, according to Al Qassam.

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