Emmi Surrenders ‘Gruyère’ Label In US


Emmi, the leading Swiss dairy producer, will no longer name its US-made cheese after the traditional Swiss product.

Le Gruyère AOC, representing more than 170 producers of the famous cheese, said on Friday it was satisfied with the decision, saying Emmi was taking its responsibility seriously and was showing respect towards a native quality product.

Le Gruyère AOC had previously criticised the Emmi dairies for damaging the special origin label.

Last month, the director of Gruyere AOC, Philippe Bardet, said Emmi dairies acted unethically but within the law as there is no Protected Designation of Origin label in the US.
He vowed to seek global recognition for the label which is presently only applied within the European Union.

Emmi’s overseas subsidiary, Emmi Roth, dismissed the allegations at the time, saying its Grand Cru Gruyère cheese was not comparable as it is made of pasteurised milk while the Gruyère AOC variety consists of raw milk.

The US is the most important export market for Gruyère cheese, where more than 3,000 tons were sold in 2010.


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