Fatah Prisoners ‘Accept Half’ Of Israel Proposals To End Hunger Strike


Palestinian prisoners have accepted half of the proposals made by an Israeli committee in response to the demands of hunger strikers, a representative said Saturday.

Jamal al-Rjoob, a representative for Fatah prisoners, said that Israel’s prison authorities met with Fatah-affiliated detainees in Shatta, Gilboa, Megiddo and Hadarim jails.

On Friday, Palestinian Authority prisoners minister Issa Qaraqe said a committee formed by the Israeli Prison Service had offered twelve concessions.

Al-Ajoob said that six of the concessions were approved by prisoners:

— Families from Gaza will be able to visit relatives in Israeli jails, in coordination with Gaza authorities
— A committee consisting of Israeli officials and Palestinian prisoners will be formed to move detainees out of solitary confinement
— BBC2, Abu Dhabi, and Rotana Cinema satellite channels will be restored
— Increase the canteen to 400 shekels instead of 300 per month
— Improve the canteen and provide missing items including fruits and vegetables
— Transfer sick prisoners by ambulance instead of military vehicles

Al-Rjoob said the demand to pursue university education is still being discussed, and that high school students will not be able to continue their studies until the issue is raised with Israel’s Ministry of Education.

A meeting will take place between prisoner representatives in southern Israeli jails on Sunday and Monday, he added.

It will be followed by another meeting between Fatah prisoner representatives.

Thousands of Palestinians are on hunger strike in Israeli jails, and several are at risk of death. They are protesting detention without trial, restrictive visiting rights and limited access to educational materials.

Two of them have refused food since Feb. 29, and doctors warn they face imminent risk of death. They are among over 300 detainees held in administrative detention without charge or trial.

Human Rights Watch on Wednesday called on Israel to “immediately charge or release people jailed without charge or trial under so-called administrative detention.”


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One thought on “Fatah Prisoners ‘Accept Half’ Of Israel Proposals To End Hunger Strike

  • May 6, 2012 at 12:18 am

    See even with the example of Bobby Sands, they still stuff it up, they should be on rotation as one dies another starts a hunger strike. Because Israel will drag it out (it is principle and perception) of course they are will to offer some loosing, but they will drag it out to allow for the thousands to have liver and kidney problems effectively taking 20 years of their lives. It is better for one man to die at a time.


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