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Tons of articles were written on the present situations of Bangladesh. Many analysis were written and that’s all are history, that either ignored or are part of popular history of the nation. Recently a fellow Bangladeshi, Dr. Milton Biswas, Associate Professor at University of Chittagong, asked me to write in favor of Bangladesh Awami League (BAL), blaming me that I write in favor of Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP).

Milton is not an uncommon one, most of the members of the civil society in the country are visibly divided into two main political sects either they are supporter of the ruling Bangladesh Awami League (BAL) or Bangladesh Nationalist Party (BNP). Other than they are strong fundamentalist or far left.

What these civil society people are doing is what the people in power are deciding not the people and they clearly they are not pro people.

And these people jointly deciding what how the history of Bangladesh will be in future but they are not deciding the how Bangladesh will be after 20 years later but surely they are making it sure that they and their families will be able to live the best life than ever after 20 years. That is what they are running after and surely they will get that in course time.

But the question is what the working class people are getting, nothing but the highest degree of poverty. The poor people are thinking how to survive; either they die in road or in the torture cell of law enforcement agencies or die every day in fear of more poverty and insecurity.

These civil society people have sold their head either to this or that party or to some imperialist force and ignoring the masses.

The nation were betrayed in 1971 and after 1971 , Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, who are called as so called father of nation become the first dictator and following his path of Ziaur Rahman, Hussain Muhammad Ershad ruled the country.

The inspirations of liberation were ignored and the process continues and that narrow down so sharply, the few families become the beneficiaries of 1971.

I will ask you please look in to the Wikipedia page and think with open mind. I believe you will be very clear who the beneficiaries of 1971 are.

These are the families:

1 The Chowdhury Family

2 The Sher-e-Bangla Family

3 The Sheikh Mujib Family

4 The Ziaur Rahman Family

5 The Siddikys of Baliadi

6 The Dhaka Nawab Family

7 The Chowdhurys of Munshiganj

8 The Mahmood Family of Sirajgonj

9 The Mirza Family of Thakurgaon

10 The Ershad Family

11 The Khan Choudhury Family

12 The Taj Family

13 The Islam Family

14 The Chowdhury Family of Tangail

15 The Khans of Chittagong

16 The Khans of Dhamrai

17 The Khans of Barisal

18 The Chowdhurys of Faridpur

19 The Syed Family of Faridpur

20 Family of Mansur Ali

21 Zillur Rahman Family

Bangladesh for 4o years in different terms were ruled by them and now it becomes a tradition. The people are ignored and the process will continue, it is time for change.

The rule of law and democracy was replaced by the autocratic rulers, the nation is undergoing deep crisis today as it was yesterday and in 1971.

Now the time has come to liberate the nation from the hands of thugs and family ruling and bring the nation under true democracy and establish the rule of law and insure justice for all.

In 1971 the Pakistani military had killed a numbers of people but these families are killing the people of own country continuously by many means. They are using the poverty, unemployment, illness, law enforcement agencies; they are looting the property of the public. If it was right to resist the Pakistan military for peace for equal right, it will be more than right to resist the families who are behind the 40 years of continuous massacre.

It is our time, it is time of masses to bring them under law, get back what they have looted from us. But where is law, the nation is under lawlessness, the judges are political pimps of this or that party or foreign imperialist forces.

Law enforcement agencies are well trained killers, the whole institutions are the results, product and by product of wrong of 1971 and post 1971 errors.

Now no more 1971 but we need the revolution of the masses, now the masses have to come up and take these families down by all peaceful means.

It is time to resist the new generation thugs of those families. We have to count from where Sajeeb Wazed earned a huge amount of money. From which sectors he has looted the public property and made his Wazed Consulting, Inc.

The other one Tarique Rahman will have to follow the same process. Now it’s time for the masses to decide and get rid of these thugs.

Now it is time to write the future of Bangladesh, where these families will be listed as criminals and where the prosperity, rule of democracy will be the future of Bangladesh.

William Gomes

William Gomes is a British Bangladeshi freelance journalist and human rights activist based in York, North Yorkshire. He has previously worked for an international human rights organisation, a news agency, and published in different online and printed media. He has a particular interest in researching racism and forced migration.

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