Spain Sees Increase In National Insurance Contributors Of 568,085


The number of National Insurance contributors continued to rise in July with an additional 58,792 (up 0.34%). The total now stands at 17,315,188, which is an increase of 568,085 over the last 12 months (up 3.39%), according to the Spanish government.

The State Secretary for the Social Security System, Tomás Burgos, said that “the number of people contributing to the system continues to rise at a sound and constant pace, leading to a recovery of over one third of those people who lost their jobs during the crisis (1,164,441). This trend is strengthening the fundamental pillars of the Social Security system – employment and the implementation of administrative reforms – and making it a factor for stability and certainty in our economic future. Each new contributor represents additional security for the future of the system”.

The number of people registered under the General Regime, the core of the system, rose by 59,847 (0.43%) in the last month. Specifically, the most dynamic sectors were the Hospitality Industry (up 51,849); Healthcare Activities and Social Services (44,954); Trade and Repair of Motor Vehicles and Motorcycles (42,802); Administrative Activities and Ancillary Services (16,531); and the Manufacturing Industry (13,243). In contrast and as to be expected in this month, negative performance was posted by Education (-91,788) and Public and Defence Administration; Compulsory Social Security (-9,017).

In turn, the Special System for Agricultural Workers posted a decrease of 38,198 workers (-5.01%) to stand at 724,282. This coincides with the end of the strawberry and raspberry season (particularly affecting Huelva and Almeria). Due to the end of the academic year, the Special System for Domestic Workers shrank by 2,784 (-0.64%) to a total of 430,578.

3,178,352 contributors were registered under the Regime for Self-Employed Workers, following a decrease of 2,734 (-0.09%). 1,663 more people were registered under the Regime for Seamen (2.65%), increasing to 64,491, particularly boosted by the octopus and anchovy season. Finally, the Regime for Coal Workers has an average of 3,769 contributors – up by 16 people (0.42%).

Balance when compared with 2014

In year-on-year terms, the rate increased by 3.39% or 568,085 more jobs in the system. The majority of this growth corresponds to the General Regime, with an increase of 509,756 (3.76%). This is more than twice the figure last year (247,966).

It should be noted that the rate rose by 1.89% under the Special Regime for Self-Employed Workers, which translates into an increase of 58,920 contributors. The Regime for Seamen shrank by -0.15% (-98), while the Regime for Coal Workers fell by 493 people (-11.58%).

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