US To Send Additional $400M In Security Assistance For Ukraine, Including T-72B Tanks


The US Defense Department announced Friday approximately $400 million in additional security assistance for Ukraine under the Ukraine security assistance initiative. 

This USAI package includes: 

  • Funding to refurbish HAWK air defense missiles for inclusion in future presidential drawdown packages; 
  • 45 refurbished T-72B tanks with advanced optics, communications and armor packages; 
  • 1,100 Phoenix Ghost tactical unmanned aerial systems; 
  • 40 armored riverine boats; 
  • Funding to refurbish 250 M-1117 armored security vehicles; 
  • Tactical secure communications systems and surveillance systems; and 
  • Funding for training, maintenance and sustainment. 

Unlike presidential drawdown authority, which the department uses to deliver equipment to Ukraine from DOD stocks, USAI is an authority under which the United States procures capabilities directly from industry.  

Deputy Pentagon Press Secretary Sabrina Singh, who held a press briefing Friday, said overhauled T-72B tanks included in this USAI package are part of a trilateral, coordinated effort with the Netherlands and Czech Republic.  

This trilateral project is a direct outcome of cooperation forged through six meetings of the Ukraine Defense Contact Group, the Aug. 11 Copenhagen Ukraine Donors Conference, and the Sept. 28 National Armaments Directors meeting, according to a DOD press release. 

Some of the tanks will be available to Ukraine before the end of December, with additional deliveries to be completed by next year, according to the press release. 

“The United States remains committed to supporting Ukraine’s near-term needs on the battlefield, and its long-term requirements to deter and defend against future Russian aggression,” Singh said. 

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