Saudi Arabia Blasts Israeli Intransigence


By Ghazanfar Ali Khan and Abdul Hannan Tago

Chief of General Intelligence Prince Muqrin on Sunday blasted Israeli leaders for their intransigence and criticized what he described as an isolationist policy.

He criticized the double standard of Tel Aviv with regard to Palestine and on weapons of mass destruction. He urged Israelis to change their approach to negotiations with Palestinians for the sake of peace and security in the region.

“Security and economic issues are of major concern to the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which as a bloc has emerged stronger to benefit the region,” said Prince Muqrin at the second session of the high-profile “Gulf and Globe Conference” in Riyadh.

The session was chaired by Abdulmohsen Al-Akkas, former minister of social affairs.

Referring to the two-day conference, Prince Muqrin said the event was particularly significant in terms of the GCC states’ drive toward joint action in the areas of security, stability and the economic integration. Prince Muqrin also spoke about other regional issues with special reference to Iran and Israel. He said: “The position of the Kingdom on Iran’s nuclear program was clear and every nation has the right to have a peaceful nuclear energy program.”

However, any Iranian attempt to dictate terms, to use force and to misuse its nuclear program for military might would invite an equally forceful response from the GCC, he warned.

This is especially important given the yet unstable global economic order and the growing security threat posed by a possible nuclear arms race in the region, he added. Prince Muqrin said the GCC had emerged as a major cohesive regional bloc. “We in the GCC are united by our religion, tradition and customs,” he said.

Overall, the GCC is strong and integrated and has set a good example for other countries to follow, the Saudi official said.

Answering a question on the Iranian issue from a Russian delegate, Prince Muqrin said any problem must be resolved through dialogue and in a transparent manner. He referred to Russia’s influence on Iran.

Commenting on the political unrest in the region, he said the Kingdom has been taking care of its citizens and its leaders have been ruling this nation according to Islamic teachings.

A fair sense of justice is everyone’s right and the Saudi government has worked toward this goal, said the prince, adding that the government has the responsibility of providing all the basic amenities to its citizens.

Dr. Naser Al-Ani, chief of staff of the Iraq Presidency Council, was another speaker during the session.

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