Iran To Reopen Diplomatic Missions In Saudi Arabia This Week


Iran will reopen its diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia this week, the Iranian foreign ministry spokesman said on Monday.  

Tehran’s foreign ministry spokesman Nasser Kanani announced the reopening in a statement Monday, confirming earlier comments by a diplomatic source in Riyadh.

“To implement the agreement …, Iran’s embassy in Riyadh, our Consulate General in Jeddah and our office to the Organization of Islamic Cooperation will be officially reopened on Tuesday and Wednesday,” spokesman Nasser Kanaani said.

The diplomatic mission will return under the leadership of Alireza Enayati, who previously served as Iran’s ambassador to Kuwait.

Iranian media named Enayati, who previously served as assistant to the foreign minister and director general of Gulf affairs at the foreign ministry, Iran’s Saudi envoy last month.

The step comes several months after Tehran and Riyadh agreed to end years of antagonism under a Chinese-brokered deal and agreed to re-establish relations.

Arab News

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