Bangladesh Rifles Revolt: An Outcome Of International Conspiracy – OpEd


I was following the media reports of Bangladesh; it was reported in bdnews24 “HRW report ‘international conspiracy”. The report said “The Home Ministry circular has termed a New York based human right watchdog’s report “part of an international conspiracy” after it called for abolition of elite crime-busting unit, Rapid Action Battalion.”

I wondering how the home minister can the facts that human rights watch has publish in report “The Fear Never Leaves Me” as international conspiracy.

Advocate Shahara Khatun, the minister for home affairs is very well known for twisting the truths. In this event when the truths in limited level are exposed the minister came up with her false version calming the reports as international conspiracy.

In reality the 2009 Bangladesh Rifles revolt which was staged on 25 and 26 February 2009 in Dhaka by a section of the Bangladesh Rifles (BDR), was a result a total failure of ruling Awami League government.

I was following the whole events with my contacts inside of the country and outside of the country, I was informed that just before the mutiny held a high profile team of India’s external intelligence agency, Research and Analysis Wing(R&AW) came to Bangladesh and they have also informed what is going to happen to Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

It is Prime Minister Seikh Hasina and his government is involved in conspiracy against the people of Bangladesh.R&AW officials gave assurance to prime minister that all the things will be under control and if the some military officials are controlled in proper way, she would be killed like her father. So it is very much needed to deal the armed officials in proper manner.

A high official of R&AW during his stay in Dhaka during the mutiny meet with me, while sharing some viewpoints she told me what is going inside. She told me that R&AW have guided they prime minister directly and R&AW officials from Delhi and officers in Dhaka directly guiding Prime Minister Hasina to deal with the crisis.

During the meeting on the second day of mutiny the R&AW official told me that the law enforcement officials from the part of Bangladesh are operating under the direct guidance of R&AW.

I was really wondered what I have heard on that meeting , I wonder when prime minister of country take decision based on the guidance of Delhi and take actions based on the reports of R&AW, whether the prime minister has any ability or legitimate reasons to continue on her position.

The aftermath of the mutiny was more dangerous. More international intelligence get involved and the situations get worse. But the truth which was not exposed in media, should be exposed today.

Through my sources inside the Pilkhana, I was getting regular information regarding the inhuman torture, the BDR mutineers were facing.

One of the sources within the law enforcement were describing the way of torture, the army officials were making naked the mutineers and tied them up and interrogating the and forcing them to speak up. If anyone denied talking they use push on the nails of hand and leg hardly and if even after that if they were not speaking out with the rifle the army officials were heating on the penis. The sources within the law enforcement agencies were saying that we used to torture but we never saw this type of inhuman way of torture.

The beating, using of electric shock were very common practice.

I was in touch with my friend in R&AW, she told me that your prime minister is a brainless idiot, who is really a back boneless, that is why we need to come and guide her, she is doing all these things to save her and her government not to save the nation or army officials.

She told me Prime Minister Hasina has laughed when she heard that army officials were killed and she said “Allah has done her judgment, some army officials killed my father and now they are killings themselves”. Let them die and I will enjoy while they die.
With the direct help of R&AW many of the BDR mutineers were illegally arrested and detained and tortured in different cantonments in the country and they were killed and many of them officially remain missing. The mutineers who are claimed to be missing were killed by army officials due extreme torture during illegal detention. Their family member will never find out their bodies.

In absence of rule of law and democracy, the in the name of mutiny Trials the mockery of justice is going on within the country. The day will come when Sheikh Hasina will bring under the law. If that is not going to happen she will be get killed worse than her father dictators Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.

Now time will say, which way justice will come up, by the barrels of gun of proper peaceful restoration of rule of law and democracy in the country.

William Gomes

William Gomes is a British Bangladeshi freelance journalist and human rights activist based in York, North Yorkshire. He has previously worked for an international human rights organisation, a news agency, and published in different online and printed media. He has a particular interest in researching racism and forced migration.

2 thoughts on “Bangladesh Rifles Revolt: An Outcome Of International Conspiracy – OpEd

  • July 7, 2012 at 2:17 am

    This is not the first time that this W.Gomes writes such article. He seemes a paid writer and is always twisting facts. He smells RAW and Awami League’s conspiracy in BDR conflicts like Religious Jamat and its ally Khaleda Zia’s BNP who fled from her cantonment residence in that morning right before hours of the BDR mutiny and before that her son Tareq from London telephoned her. Everybody knows from post events and army comments that the mutiny was staged only not to stabilize the just elected secular democratic pro-liberation Awami League government. Dr. Yunus, USA lady Senators, World Banks’s ex-President, New York based H/R Watch are singing on Jamat-e Islami, Khaleda Zia’s BNP’s tone. Jamat already gave $75m to a USA lobby to raise voices against the government in power. Mr. is an addition only. Be aware true loving people.

  • July 7, 2012 at 8:27 am

    It is incredible that such outright drivel can actually be seen as something worth publishing on a reputed site like

    Let us ignore the allegations in the article for a moment. The article reads like it has been written by a child or at the very least somebody who has an extremely tenuous grasp on English. Further there isn’t even a single piece of evidence to back up anything written in that entire rant. Not one link, not one source or even a hint of anything other than a dubious first hand account.


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