Iran Says West Manipulates Concepts Of Human Rights And Democracy


ran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Ramin Mehmanparast has lashed out at the West for manipulating the concepts of human rights and democracy to achieve its political objectives.

“The West talks of human rights, but has kept silent on the killing of the people of Palestine and Bahrain; and wherever there is a terrorist incident, the footprints of Western intelligence organizations can be traced,” said Mehmanparast.


“The Americans abuse the concept of democracy,” he noted.

The Iranian diplomat lashed out at the Western double standards on democracy, saying the West only lends support to democratic rights wherever its interests necessitate.

Mehmanparast pointed to the US invasion of Afghanistan under the pretext of countering terrorism and noted that Afghanistan is still grappling with the issue of terrorism in spite of the fact that over 110,000 Afghans have lost their lives over the course of the US-led war in the country.

He warned of Washington’s media tactics aimed at achieving its hegemonic objectives, saying, “If the US seeks to invade a country, it will first take the preliminary measures in the media; [therefore] we should not allow the Western media to distort the realities of the world.”

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