OIC Condemns Houthi Missile Attack Launched Near Mecca


The Executive Committee of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC) held an emergency meeting Saturday at the ministerial level at the headquarters of the OIC General Secretariat in Jeddah to discuss the recent launching of a ballistic missile towards Makkah (Mecca) by Houthi and Saleh militias.

After exhaustive discussions and deliberations, OIC participants unanimously agreed, “to condemn in the strongest terms the Houthi-Saleh militias and those who support them and provide them with arms, weapons, rockets, missiles targeting Makkah as an aggression on the sanctity of holy sites in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and a provocation of the feelings of Muslims around the world, and an evidence of their refusal to comply with the international community and its resolutions.”

In the same vein, OIC participants reiterated statements made by member and non-member States, and regional and international organizations that “strongly denounced this aggression seeking to undermine security and stability in the holy sites and thwart all efforts being made to end the conflict in Yemen peacefully,” the OIC said.

According to OIC, Member States reiterated support for Saudi Arabia in its fight against terrorism and against all those attempting to cause harm to the Kingdom or to target religious holy sites.

“It also affirmed solidarity with the Kingdom in all its efforts and measures to preserve its security and stability; and called at the same time on all Member States to stand united against this heinous aggression and against those behind it supporting its perpetrators with arms, considering that infringement upon the Kingdom’s security is also an infringement upon the security and cohesion of the Muslim world as a whole,” the OIC said.

The OIC requested all Member States and the international community to take serious and effective measures to prevent the occurrence or repetition of such aggression in the future, and to hold accountable those trafficking these arms, providing training and extending support to this rebel group.

The OIC recommended the holding of an emergency meeting of OIC Member States’ foreign ministers in Makkah within the next two weeks to consider the Houthi-Saleh militias’ targeting of Makkah.

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