Australia Adopts New Measures Against Iran


Australia has announced new sanctions against Iran in coordination with European Union and U.S. efforts.

AFP reports that on Tuesday, Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd said the sanctions include individuals and bodies linked to Iran’s nuclear program.

In a statement, Rudd said: “The measures will also further restrict business with Iran’s petroleum and financial sectors.”

He added: “Iran must take steps required by the United Nations Security Council and the IAEA, and engage constructively with the international community on its nuclear program.”

Australia had already put in place sanctions restricting Australian businesses from dealing with Iran’s oil and gas sector.

The Australian minister added that the new measures were consistent with the latest moves by the United States and the EU.

The U.S. and EU announced their new sanctions on November 21, which were followed by Britain decision to boycott Iran’s financial sector and France’s announcement of sanctions against Iran’s oil and gas sector.

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