Al-Megrahi: A Terrorist Bomber And A Womanizer – OpEd


By Sergei Sayenko

Libya’s terrorist Abdelbaset al-Megrahi sentenced for life imprisonment for the 1988 Lockerbie bombing turned out to be a womanizer, BBC reports. Our observer Sergey Sayenko has more.

The bomber confessed to a Scottish investigator that he had regularly travelled without a passport or ID to his girlfriend in Malta. He used to simply put on a Libyan Arab Lines uniform and travelled back and forth until 1989 or 1990.

These details were revealed in an unpublished 821-page report which as come into the hand of BBC Scotland reporters.

Megrahi was indentified by a Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauchi from whom he bought clothes that were later found in a suitcase which held the explosive device.

In 2011, Megrahi was convicted of murdering 270 passengers of Pam-AM 103 flight and received a life sentence. However, in August 2009, he was freed and sent back to Libya on compassionate grounds after being diagnosed with terminal prostate cancer. The terrorist was believed to have only three months to live.

His release caused a lot of anger, primarily in the US as the majority of the victims were Americans. The incident had a negative impact on Washington-London “special relationship”. Relatives of the victims and some Congressmen still demand that Libya should extradite Megrahi and that the UK should be firmer in its stance. However, nobody knows where to find the terrorist now.

6 months have passed since the Coalition’s operation in Libya and Gaddafi’s elimination. The latest news about Megrahi was that he was in coma and had been moved by rebels out of Tripoli to an unknown destination. There’s been no more news on this since and the media know nothing about his whereabouts which might mean that he could still be alive.

Many people suspect that Gaddafi was involved in masterminding the Lockerbie bombing but these claims have not been proven to date.

Libya’s new government allowed British investigators into the country last December to enable them to search for the truth. However, the most likely scenario is that the Lockerbie bomber has died and all the secrets died with him.


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One thought on “Al-Megrahi: A Terrorist Bomber And A Womanizer – OpEd

  • March 21, 2012 at 10:22 pm

    You cause a lot of anger by your silly lies. No-0ne in Libya had anything to do witbh Lockerbie. That was jointly carried out by the US and Iran to give Iran its one and one only revenge for the deliberate shooting down of IR655.


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