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Top Hacker Was Snitch, Alleged ‘Anonymous’ Leaders Busted


Several alleged leaders of the international hacking organization “Anonymous” are not anonymous anymore.

U.S. officials Tuesday announced the arrests of six high-profile hackers, including Hector Xavier Monsegur. Documents filed in a federal court in New York indicate that Monsegur, known in the hacking community as “Sabu,” cooperated with the investigation, leading to the arrests.

The documents say Monsegur pleaded guilty last August to charges of computer hacking and conspiracy. He currently is free on $50,000 bond.

Monsegur claimed responsibility for attacks on the websites for Visa and Mastercard, two large credit card companies, and the online payment service PayPal, as well as on government computers in Tunisia, Algeria, Yemen, Zimbabwe and the U.S. Senate.

Court papers also identified Monsegur as a member of two other hacking groups, “Lulz Security” and “Internet Feds.”

Another top hacker was identified in court papers as Jeremy Hammond. Authorities arrested him in Chicago.

Officials say the arrests should deal a major blow to Anonymous, which has wrecked havoc on a range of government agencies and private corporations.

A group that sends out a Twitter feed for Anonymous assured followers and supporters that the group is okay and will continue hacking.


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