EU Gas Boycott Immaterial, Says Iran


Iran’s Oil Ministry has dismissed EU rumblings about boycotting Iranian gas, saying it does not export any gas to European Union countries and the reports are publicity stunts.

The ministry spokesman said: “Currently, none of the EU state members receive gas from Iran.”

Reuters previously reported that EU diplomats are preparing new sanctions packages against Iran for their meeting on October 15 in Luxembourg, and boycotting Iran’s gas exports is reportedly a main goal of this package.

“If the EU is planning such a thing because of Turkey’s gas purchases from Iran, we must stress that following its implementation of oil sanctions on Iran, Turkey has in fact increased its petroleum imports from Iran,” the spokesman for the Oil Ministry claimed.


The EU and the United States have been trying to find new ways of imposing sanctions on Iran in order to force it to resolve its nuclear disputes.

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon reported that the recent sanctions have affected the lives of Iranians by causing a rise in prices and a shortage of necessary medicines for critical illnesses such as cancer, heart and respiratory diseases.

Iran insists that its nuclear program is peaceful but it has also shown a willingness to halt its uranium enrichment program should the sanctions be lifted.

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