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Israel Embarrassed By Hezbullah Drone


The drone destroyed yesterday by the Israeli Air Force in the south of the country came from Lebanon, Israeli sources claimed on Sunday. Hizbullah has recently received the drones, manufactured in Iran and Russia, from the Syrian army.


According to Israel’s military intelligence, the Shiite organization is responsible for appearance of the drone in the Israeli airspace. It began to fly from Lebanon and entered the Israeli territory from the sea.

According to the initial analysis of the aircraft parts, the Israeli army said that the drone was flying on a predetermined route and at low altitude, using satellite communications.

Regarding the purpose of the flight, its main objective was to “play a psychological role” against Israel and show that other countries could enter Israeli territory, an Israeli sources estimated. According to a report on “Al – Myadin” TV Channel which is close to the Lebanese organization, the drone managed to “penetrate to a depth of 100 km inside Israel, causing tensions and fear in Israel.”

“Hizbullah has long threatened to hit targets beyond Haifa, and it is a good demonstration of its capabilities when sending this drone, “said an Israeli source. Four months ago, on July 20, Hizbullah, including its chief Hassan Nasrallah, said in a speech: “The resistance movement will surprise Tel Aviv in a future war.”

“If it is not Hizbullah and not from the Gaza Strip, there is a third possibility, the Sinai,” added the Israeli source. Israeli fighter jets intercepted the pilotless drone, when it entered Israeli airspace and shot it down in the West Bank in the hills located south of Hebron.


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