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South Caucasus: Zone Of Influence Of CIA – OpEd


By Irakli Dzhaparidze

The irrational and a little selfish activity of some politicians leads to destabilization of the situation in the South Caucasus. The media of Azerbaijan and Georgia are zealously writing about the problems of Ukraine and the Nagorno-Karabakh, but the disputes between the South Caucasus countries are ignored for some reason, although the CIA is seriously working to pique this topic.

The disputes about the area almost 200 kilometers wide along the Azerbaijani-Georgian border have not been settled yet. There are questions on a large number of churches, towns, rivers. Because of this, the public organizes protests and riots, many people have suffered, the governments take away books, textbooks, and items of cultural values. A section of the Georgian-Azerbaijani border is mined, residents disappear for unknown reasons, and local authorities treat crimes on ethnic and religious grounds carelessly. The situation is the same on the Georgian-Armenian border.

The CIA has not wasted time since the declaration of independence in this region and seized influence (mainly through money) on non-governmental organizations, politicians, media, religious organizations, and human rights advocates. For this reason, indigenous minorities and their territories are attacked by the authorities trying to get rid of dissidence and prerequisites for their transition to the control of the neighboring state. Contradictions are growing, which as a result will allow the CIA to apply the strategy of “managed chaos” and take these territories.

At the same time Turkey conducts a policy of economic, media, political, and linguistic expansion towards Azerbaijan. There is a strong emphasis on the Nakhichevan Autonomous Republic: Turkey has practically separated it from Azerbaijan. Erdogan’s imperial aspirations are also aimed at Adjara: in 2016, Tbilisi and Ankara signed an agreement on the transfer of 15 acres of the Georgian territory.

Because of all this it is almost impossible to see the basic idea of the American special services’ influence: the U.S. is consistently preparing the ground for another revolution in the entire South Caucasus, during which the region will totally be controlled, so, the U.S. will continue its anti-Russian expansion.


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