Prince Saud Attends GCC Meeting In Manama


Foreign Minister Prince Saud Al-Faisal yesterday attended a GCC ministerial council meeting, which is expected to discuss major regional and international issues.

Bahrain’s Foreign Minister Shaikh Khalid bin Ahmed Al Khalifa opened the session, thanking the efforts exerted by Prince Saud during his presidency last year.

Shaikh Khalid hoped for next successful session of the GCC Supreme Council, commending the wise vision of the GCC leaders in the light of their belief in the objectives, principles and achievements of the GCC since its inception.

Gulf States (GCC)
Gulf States (GCC)

“Though this session is ordinary, the nature of political situation and security threats around us, make this session very important to prepare for the GCC Supreme Council Summit in December,” he said.

The ministerial council meeting discussed the political, economic, social, environment, education and health issues. It also reviewed the strategic talks between the GCC and Morocco and Jordan.

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