Modi’s Hindutva And South Asian Security – OpEd


The ideology of Hindutva is once again in a position to dictate the political and cultural life of the Indian nation since Narendra Modi, who once worked for the main Hindu nationalist organization, took the prime ministerial responsibilities.

Unfortunately, there is no any other political or social power in India that could challenge this ideology which is so destructive for India’s secular fabric and cultural diversity. The ideology of Hindutva has deeply penetrated in every sector of current Indian life through its various organizations and groups such as Bharatiya Janata Party (Political wing); Vishwa Hindu Parishad (cultural mobilization wing); Bajrang Dal (para-military group); and Shiv Sena (violent fascist group). The irony lies in the fact that a major portion of western media still ignores the growing issue of Hindutva that leads South Asian region towards perpetual instability.

Recently, The Daily Mail’s investigations revealed that the US embassy in New Delhi has sent a very “strong-worded diplomatic cable to Washington”, urging Obama administration to take a very serious view and initiate a strong action against Hindu fanatic groups and Hindutva laboratories that is emerging as a new and a very deadly source of global terrorism.

The Daily Mail’s revelation further adds that the US Embassy in New Delhi has now very strongly started believing that Hindutva Brotherhood and other Hindu fanatic groups, particularly those, attached to Sangh Parivar are getting organized on the pattern of Taliban and Hindutva network has got all the potential to become even more lethal than Al-Qaeda and other Muslim extremists’ militant groups.

In addition to that it was also mentioned in the diplomatic cable that Hindu extremists can become a permanent threat to the world peace and the ongoing global anti-terror war will have to open another front and this time in a nuclear State with every possibility of nuke weapons. The situation is more alarming because these Hindu religious extremists, having deep roots in Indian Armed Forces and Delhi nuclear command infrastructure have potential to trigger a nuclear war in South Asian region.

This is an open fact that major portion of current Indian decision making center consists of Hindu extremist leaders but more importantly, under the umbrella of BJP, Hindutva movement appears to be gaining momentum around the globe. Nearly 1.5 to 2 million Hindus currently live in US and an estimated 240,000 Indian immigrants are living illegally in the United States without proper immigration documents. This huge number of population is vulnerable to various wings of extremist parties who are running joint terror camps in India where large number of Hindu trainees some as young as 8 to 13 years old and they even came from USA, Europe, and Australia.

On the other hand, BJP-RSS-VHP supporters in the U.S are actively lobbying to get access to U.S. policymakers in order to ensure that US wouldn’t undermine Hindu chauvinists to come to power in New Delhi. It has been even made quite easier by the Indo-Israeli nexus which has strong presence in US decision making center.

The emergence of violent Hindu extremist organization in such a situation, when US led NATO forces formally ended the 13 years bloody war in Afghanistan, have put further question regarding the credibility of global war against terror. The uprising of Hindu violent organization can export terror camps to the chaotic Afghan soil that would ultimately lead Afghanistan to another war-zone but more importantly the adjacent Pakistani tribal areas can be seriously affected with the new wave of Indian sponsored terror organizations.

It is pertinent for Pakistan to redefine the terrorism that cultivates in Afghan soil with Indian support. Internal stability in Pakistan is directly linked with peace in Afghanistan. That’s why Pakistan should raise this serious issue with Afghan authorities in order to bring long-lasting peace and stability in both hard-hit victim areas of terrorism which is reshaping by India with its invisible Hindu violent organizations.

*Yasir Hussain is a student at Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad, Pakistan

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