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Russia Deputy PM: Army Must ‘Instill Fear In Our Enemies’


The Russian defense industry must produce only those types of weaponry that would allow the Armed Forces to operate effectively in the conditions of modern warfare, Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said.


“The production of weaponry must reflect the fact that modern wars will be brief and unpredictable in nature, they will not rage on for years,” Rogozin said during a meeting with defense industry officials.

“We need a very compact, mobile, armed to the teeth army and fleet that instill fear in our enemies, and strategic nuclear forces that would ensure our [national] security,” he said.

Rogozin insisted that Russia must abandon the model of arms procurement used during the Soviet era because at that time the production of weaponry got out of control and ate up enormous resources.

“The Defense Ministry used to order a wide range of military equipment without even knowing what it was for,” he said. “Today, it’s all scrap metal – we cannot use or sell it.”

Rogozin, who oversees the Russian defense industry, is facing a formidable task of streamlining the development and production of weaponry in the country.


He proposed to create a strong link between the designers of weaponry, manufacturers and the military to ensure the effectiveness of a new arms procurement model.


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One thought on “Russia Deputy PM: Army Must ‘Instill Fear In Our Enemies’

  • February 9, 2012 at 2:08 pm

    The remark about modern warfare not lasting for many years sure makes the uS look good.The uS did the same thing with Vietnam…they fought a political war instead that lasted 14 years. The current one against terrorists will last forever since they added the huge list of uS citizens to the list of terrorists and even kill children with drones.
    In a conflict with Russia or even Cuba ; I would expect, would take about 30 minutes and it would be the end of the uS.
    The Congress of 2011 did too good when it comes to choosing politics over reality.
    Everyone have a wonderful safe day…


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