Iran: Prosecutor General vows to ‘follow’ dissident outside country


Iran’s Prosecutor General Gholamhossein Mohseni E’jei has issued a strong threat against Iranian expatriates who support the Green Movement.

During a press conference held last week, a journalist for the conservative Keyhan daily asked the prosecutor, “currently, certain people beyond our boarders have a tight-knit coordination with the sedition and spread lies about leading Iranian officials in the anti-revolutionary media everyday. Does not the judiciary system have a plan to indict them?”


“It is very obvious that Iranians who commit crimes oversees, or even those who are not Iranian nationals but act against Iran outside the country are subject to being pursued or followed,” warned E’jei.

Referring to certain reform figures who have been forced to flee the country following the 2009 presidential election, he continued: “currently, there are people outside the country who once had claims within Iran, but are now shamefully cooperating with the Americans and the British while acting against their own people; and this is a dark stain for them.”

According to the website of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), he added, “they must be  pursued, and they will be punished should they return to Iran one day. And if they are outside the country, the prosecution must utilise international bodies to pursue them, something they are most certainly doing.”


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