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Mali: A Documentary To Remember The Manuscripts Of Timbuktu


“Let’s save the manuscripts of Timbuktu” is the title of a documentary presented in Bamako to raise awareness about the situation in the northern part of the country, particularly in regards to the preservation of thousands of ancient manuscripts kept in 24 libraries in the northern Malian city.

There is the risk that such assets in danger at this time when the entire region is occupied by various armed groups. The presentation of the documentary was attended by researchers, representatives of the institute Ahmed Baba of Timbuktu and former ministers.

Initiated by the Balani’s Medina association, the initiative aims to draw the attention of the local and international community to the priceless heritage protected by UNESCO.

“The manuscripts and ancient texts of the 24 libraries of Timbuktu are safe so far. I can not say the same equipment, which over time we have managed to acquire with great difficulty, I know that my colleagues have foiled several attempts at looting. Losing this heritage of history written by Africans would be of incalculable damage” said some weeks ago Professor Shamil Jeppie for the University of Cape Town, South Africa, who is running a project for the preservation of valuable Malian texts.

Timbuktu, a UNESCO World Heritage city for its architecture and for the 100,000 manuscripts jealously guarded by the inhabitants, preserves a tradition dating back to around 1300 of the Christian era and which has remained until today.


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