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Iran Releases Contingency Plan: If Attacked Will Respond – OpEd


By John Robles

The Islamic Republic of Iran has announced that they are capable of destroying 35 U.S. military bases within minutes if they are attacked.

This information came in a statement by the commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ Aerospace Force on Wednesday.

Recently Iran has also stated that U.S. warships are also “easy” targets. The Iranian general also stated that Palestinian lands, a direct reference to Israel, are also easy targets as well.

The statements made by Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh may be an upping of the rhetoric, after what are seen by some in the West as “failed” talks to end the Iranian nuclear conflict, but sources knowledgeable about Iran’s military capabilities say that there may in fact be reason for concern.

Moscow believes some progress was made at the recently held talks in the Russian capital but the U.S. and Israel have stated that there is no more use for diplomacy, meaning that they may be preparing for another military invasion.

For the U.S. Iran’s statements may be their second greatest fear, invading a country that has enough teeth to strike back and do significant damage to its forces and interests. Proof of this can be seen in its military “adventures” in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, an attempt on pressuring Korea and next up in Syria.

Iraq and Libya, for their part, worked with the U.S. and agreed to disarm. Those two countries both agreed to the U.S. terms and attempted to appease the U.S. to rid themselves of sanctions etc. but instead they were eventually invaded, decimated and had their leaders killed.

Afghanistan was seen as easy prey and a primitive country that was living in the Middle Ages and the U.S. believed they would go and wipe everybody out and be out of there in a matter of months, never once looking at the lessons to be learned by the Soviet Union’s operations in the country.

Korea was also supposed to submit in the same way as Iraq and Libya did but decided on its own course and has been for the most part left alone. Iran has also refused to acquiesce to U.S. demands and instead of disarming, stopping its nuclear program and bowing to western demands has done the opposite and has armed itself to the teeth preparing for war against a superior opponent.

Unfortunately for the West this is the now the case and they have no one to blame except themselves. After seeing what happened in Iraq and Libya, and with all of the meddling the U.S. has been up to in the Middle East there are few countries who would dare to disarm for fear of being stabbed in the back and invaded.

Iran has also promised to close the Strait of Hormuz saying that U.S. warships would be easy targets. According to the WND website, citing their own sources, the Iranians are prepared to use an asymmetrical warfare tactic against warships that they called “swarming”, that is using up to 150 small fast and maneuverable boats that can be loaded with missiles or suicide bombers all coming from different directions and quite literally swarming down on U.S. warships.

At the beginning of this piece I mentioned the U.S. second biggest fear, but what is the first? The first and foremost we saw on 9-11, regardless on whom you blame for its planning, and that is an attack on U.S. soil. America is comfortable bombing and invading small, more or less defenseless countries on the other side of the world and this has even become a popular point with American voters, which we saw with regards to the former Yugoslavia.

Will America back off on Iran if it believes it will suffer massive losses? Or will it take the threat of a symmetrical attack on U.S. soil to finally convince the West that peaceful dialogue, mutual respect and diplomacy are the best ways to get along with the rest of the world?

Why does the West feel the need to recreate the planet in its own image? The world is full of countries, peoples and cultures that have their own rich heritages, customs and beliefs, things that can be shared, learned from, and which should be respected.

After World War II the United Nations was created and it was supposed to be the place where differences could be worked out and where we could discuss mutually important issues in an atmosphere of shared respect and as equals. Never again was the world supposed to allow one country to dominate it and subjugate it as Hitler had attempted to do.

So why are we allowing the U.S. to do so in the name of Democracy or humanitarian intervention or security? Iran has decided to stand up against what they know to be a superior force. I know I may sound completely naïve in saying this but why can’t we respect each other, assist each other and just get along?

You may blame Iran and say they have no right to arm themselves, you may say they are a threat to world peace, but in reality they have been pushed into a corner and they feel their country and their existence is under threat. Why is it that only the West can arm itself to the teeth and subjugate the world?

The opinions and views expressed here are the writer’s own.

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    The USA economy depends on war; it is the only thing in which they remain economically competitive.


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