Israel Unfazed By Saudi Threat To Shoot Down Jets On Way To Iran


It seems that for Israel, the situation becomes increasingly complicated when talking about a possible attack against Iran. In order to launch its attack against Iran’s nuclear sites, the Israeli government hoped that the United States would convince Saudi Arabia in order to ease the passage of Israeli fighter jets in its airspace on their way To Iran.

However, Israel now realizes that this option is not available. Saudi Arabia vowed to intercept any Israeli aircraft heading to Iran, according to Israel’s Yediot Aharonot newspaper website.


According to the report, the Americans have forwarded this Saudi message to Israel: “Saudi Arabia would shoot down any Israeli aircraft in its airspace on their way to Iran.” Israeli sources claim that for military officials in Israel, this information is a new attempt by Washington to prevent an imminent Israeli operation against Tehran’s nuclear facilities.

Other option for the Israeli jets would be to fly through Jordan and Iraq.

On his part, Israeli Defense Minister denied getting such Saudi messages. He added that in any case such a Saudi move “will not change Israeli plans.”

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