Indra Delivers Two Deployable Forensic Laboratories For Analysis Of Improvised Explosive Devices To Australian Defense Force


Indra Australia has delivered two deployable Weapons Technical Intelligence (WTI) laboratories equipped with advanced technology to the Australian Army to counter the use of improvised explosive devices (IEDs).

The WTI laboratory is designed to carry out the controlled exploitation of these improvised explosive devices, collect and analyse evidence, provide critical attack information and identify the supply chain. These devices are exploited through a series of activities that seek to technically, tactically and forensically determine the components involved and recover traces of material related to the manufacture and handling of the devices. 

“The real value of this system lies in the fact that it provides state-of-the-art equipment and operating methods in a modular and scalable deployment configuration.  The laboratory thus provides the operation’s commanders with rapid and actionable intelligence on the improvised explosive devices in situ, which could allow them to enter the attack cycle of their adversaries.  It’s an intrusive but non-destructive process, so it allows for deeper subsequent detonation”, explained Adam Taylor, the project manager.

This laboratory can also be used for other events, e.g. natural disasters.

The two systems that have been delivered are based on a container solution. The containers consist of robust ISO 20 shelters certified for any standard mobile logistics platform currently in use by the Australian Defence Force and meet stringent environmental requirements for deployment anywhere in the world. 

Local collaboration

In addition to providing the Australian Army with this cutting-edge capability, the project has focused on enhancing the participation of local industry. More than 90% of the project has been executed directly in Australia, working in close collaboration with local equipment manufacturers and distributors.

Thus, Indra Australia has continued to reinforce its cooperation with Daronmont Technologies and Zenith Custom Creations to manufacture the laboratories in Australia. In addition, Indra has leveraged the global experience acquired in other programs further enhancing the collective capabilities in the country to provide deployable infrastructures to the Australian Armed Forces. This will guarantee exceptionally high levels of Australian industrial capability in the content of the program. 

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