Iranians Intellectuals Condemn Signs Of Military Attack Against Iran


A collection of 121 Iranian intellectuals, writers and journalists has issued a statement in reaction to recent talk of a possible military strike against Iran, warning that “humanitarian assistance and democracy cannot be delivered through the end of a canon.”

In recent weeks, Israel has made several indications that it is very close to a military attack on Iran. Similar overtures have been reported from the U.S. and Britain.

The 121 signatories write: “We, the signatories to this letter, believe it our human responsibility to announce that humanitarian assistance and democracy cannot be provided by guided missiles; humanitarian aid and democracy cannot be dropped over people’s head from the bellies of bombers; humanitarian aid and democracy are not fired at people by unmanned remote drones.”

The letter expresses concern over the purported threats against Iran and says: “Some U.S., Israeli and British officials and those from other countries and even a number of opponents of the Iranian regime have been expressing support for such an attack, which lacks close consideration and insight.”

The signatories emphasize that they are opposed to a military attack against Iran under “any pretexts.”

The letter states that the recent developments referred to as the Arab Spring, including the “fate of the Libyan dictator” with the direct intervention of NATO forces, has led some people to think that a similar scenario could be concocted for the “oppressive regime” of the Islamic Republic. The letter stresses that such a scenario would be “irresponsible and would pose a vast danger to Iran’s people and territory.”

The letter adds that the “true supporters of democracy for Iran” both inside and outside its borders are completely opposed to such an attack, which would only result in the deaths of thousands and the destruction of the country’s infrastructure, “which has been built through many generations at great cost.”

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