Repsol And Minsait Agree To Market Tool For Sustainable Projects


Repsol and Minsait, an Indra company, have signed an agreement to market a platform developed by the two companies to gauge the impact of organizations on natural capital.

The agreement was signed by Indra CEO, Cristina Ruiz, Luis Abril, the company’s Managing Director, Luis Cabra, Managing Director of Energy Transition, Sustainability and Technology and deputy to the CEO at Repsol, and Valero Marín, Corporate Director of Digitalisation and Global Services for the multi-energy company.

This tool, known as READS, is a pioneering digital solution that can improve organizations’ management by integrating the valuation of the natural capital (biodiversity, climate, water and social well-being) into the assessment of the operational impacts of their assets and businesses.

The tool also enables large international funds to incorporate the natural capital impact assessments into their investment decisions, at a time when sustainability criteria are gaining prominence in these decisions.

The methodology has been developed entirely by Repsol and overcomes the challenges posed by the energy transition, climate change and our commitments to sustainability and the environment, ones which are fundamental to the company’s strategy.

Repsol said it is taking another step forward in its commitment to sustainability with the marketing of READS, which will be carried out together with Minsait, the project’s technological partner. It will thus seek to help other domestic and international companies from various sectors and serve as a reference, enabling them to incorporate a renowned, benchmark and effective methodology into their activities while including sustainability as one of the pillars of their business.

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