Iranian jailed labour activist in need of immediate medical care


Mansour Osanlou, the jailed Iranian labour activist, is suffering from three blocked veins in his heart and needs immediate medical care, his sister, Fereshteh Osanlou told the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran.

Osanlou, who was arrested in 2007 for his membership in the executive committee of Tehran’s Sherkat Vahed public transit union, was reportedly taken to hospital for an angiography after the prison infirmary failed to provide him with adequate care. Osanlou’s sister adds: “There the doctors diagnosed that three of his heart veins were blocked and he needs immediate surgery.” However, she claims that their requests to transfer him to a hospital for surgery have been turned down, even though Osanlou is effectively serving the last months of his four and a half year sentence.

According to Fereshteh Osanlou, her bother has developed disc complications in prison and, following an eye surgery, he has suffered several infections.

Two days ago Voice of America reported that Afshin Osanlou, the brother of the jailed labour activist, had been arrested by Iranian security forces in November and has since “disappeared.”

Their mother reported that he was arrested at the bus terminal where he worked, adding that he was not involved with the union or any form of political activity. His colleagues reported that he was arrested by plainclothes forces, and his mother added that she has not been informed of his whereabouts.

The Osanlou family has been attacked several times by government forces. Zoya Samadi, Osanlou daughter-in-law was abducted by security forces and severely beaten. Upon her release, it was announced that she had suffered a miscarriage brought on by her ordeal.

Mansour Osanlou was arrested in 2007 and tried for activity against national security and propaganda against the regime. The prison doctors have attested at least three times that his poor health makes him unfit to endure prison conditions.

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