Syria: President’s Wife Flees To London


Britain’s “Daily Telegraph” newspaper on Tuesday reported that Asma Assad Syrian President’s wife fled to London.

It said she and her three children moved out of Syria secretly just days after the eruption of the mass protests against the Assad regime.

The newspaper said in its issue today that the 35 year old Asma is staying in the British capital.

The newspaper said the British-born Asma al-Assad, which is considered one of the most charming first ladies in the world, did not appear in public since the start of uprising in Syria over a month ago.

The newspaper quoted a diplomatic source, who did not reveal his identity, as saying Asma traveled to London to be close to her family.

The source added that the Syrian president’s wife now lives in Britain amid tight security.

The diplomat explained that their presence in London, causing considerable embarrassment to Britain because of the brutal campaign waged by her husband, Bashar al-Assad against his own people to stay in office.”

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