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Exposing Hidden Political Objectives Behind Regime Change Mantra – OpEd


Pakistan’s political sphere has experienced a storm in the last couple of months in which there was a complete shift over of political power. Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf the ex-ruling party that was struggling to handle many crises at the same time due to the lack of political consensus and a productive approach to run the government received a major blow. The opposition gathered against the ousted government and successfully passed a no confidence motion against former PM Imran Khan. PTI during the 2018 general elections gained majority but it was not enough to form a government. Therefore, it gathered political support from other parties to form the government. These parties were the same that the leadership of PTI used to curse as being indulged in criminal activities. It was the first blow for the supporters of Tehreek-e-Insaaf as the leadership just to gain political power joined hands with the same people who they used to call criminals. Later, the same parties betrayed the ousted PTI by supporting the call of no confidence motion against PM Imran Khan.


So, what was the regime change conspiracy? Regime change operations against weak states by world powers is a reality as it helps to serve the interest of powerful states. But, these operations follow a systematic path and secret tactics. How is it possible that you are changing a regime in a nuclear-powered country and the whole message is conveyed through a letter that could be used as evidence afterwards? The reality behind these claims has been exposed lately when the foreign office and the former Ambassador of Pakistan to US Asad Majeed denied the statements of any foreign conspiracy. 

The referred letter was dated days before the meeting of National Security Committee was called. IK’s government was highly criticized over this issue that’s why the meeting of NSC was called days after the so-called threat letter was received, only when the opposition strengthened its campaign of NCM. The whole scenario if analyzed with proper facts is crystal clear to be a well-crafted story by the leadership of PTI that paid off very well in terms of sympathetic support from the public and masked its failures during the 3.5 years tenure. 

Another claim championed by the ousted government as being part of their response against the foreign conspiracy was issuing a démarche. Démarche issuance was emphasized to be a major blow to US and portrayed as a proof of foreign conspiracy but in reality, it is a normal part of any diplomatic process. The leadership of PTI used the knowledge gap very well to craft a fictitious tale and made people believe whatever they said. After all that political fiasco if there was a bloc that gained the maximum benefit, it was PTI as a political party itself. On the other hand, the most disadvantaged entity was Pakistan as a nation. Such politics based on agenda setting for gaining personal benefits should stop in the greater benefit of the nation. The focus must be to work in favor of the nation not in favor of personal politics.

About Author: Humais Sheikh is an independent defense analyst. He has competed his Masters in Defense and Strategic Studies from Quaid-I-Azam University, Islamabad.


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